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Our Technology


i-CAT 3D Imaging

At the offices of Bentonville Smiles we use the latest and greatest in dental technology to ensure that your visits are as smooth and gentle as possible. We use the i-CAT 3D Imaging System machine that allow Dr. Remerscheid and staff to see and assess problems that would often go undiagnosed with standard 2D technology. Using these machines Dr. Remerscheid can plan dental implants in 3 dimensions. This technology also assists in the use of TMJ issues, orthodontics and oral surgery. With the i-CAT 3D Imaging system Dr. Remerscheid can map out an entire course of treatment with precision and accuracy.

iCat 3D X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

No more having to stand in a dark room waiting for your X-Ray film to develop. At Bentonville Smiles we use a digital x-ray which allows our X-Ray to be sent to a computer where it can be immediately viewed. Digital X-Rays have become far superior to traditional methods.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

  • Less radiation
  • No wait time on images
  • Shorter appointments
  • Images can be electronically sent (i.e. for second opinions)
  • Images can be enhanced making it easier to identify the problem area

Intraoral Camera

Ever wonder exactly what the dentist is seeing inside your mouth? With Dr. Remerscheid’s use of an intraoral camera, you now can see what’s going! The advanced technology of an intraoral camera allows the doctor to see full images of a single tooth or your entire mouth on a monitor. The images created with an intraoral camera are able to not only help the doctor but also boost awareness to the patient of what is going on inside their mouth. Intraoral cameras have been very effective in stating cases to insurance companies that otherwise would have been denied. They provide proof of clinical diagnostics.

Laser Dentistry

Soft tissue lasers have been an incredible addition and success to health care technology as a whole. Soft tissue lasers in dentistry allow the dentist to work on patients with greater precision, efficiency and often less anesthesia. So what does this mean for the patient? Less discomfort during and after the procedure, quicker healing rates, often quicker procedure time and minimizes the risk of infection. The controlled coagulation of a laser can make many dental procedures nearly bloodless and void of sutures.

Advanced Root Canal Technology

Dr. Remerscheid’s use of advanced technology in his root canal procedures allow him to perform the RCT with accuracy while not compromising comfort for his Bentonville dental patients. Additional benefits are reliability and a quicker and quiter procedure resulting in less strain to the patient.

Electronic Root Apex Locator

A root apex locator sends a signal down the root to determine the root length. This greatly increases accuracy and precision so the doctor knows the exact length to work within.

Rotary Endodontics

The electrically powered instrument is used in place of a stainless steel file. The tip is much more flexible than stainless steel allowing it to curve with the root and not stretch or damage the passageway.

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